Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent oral health issues.

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Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent oral health issues.

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Regular dentist visits and professional cleanings are a key to good oral hygiene.

Professional Cleanings and Exams

Your hygienist provides a professional cleaning to remove stains, plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth. Calculus is a hard mineralized deposit that forms when plaque is left on your teeth. Our hygienists are happy to create a custom home care plan for you and discuss the factors that might be affecting your oral health. 

A dental check-up is an exam of your teeth and gums as well as a full an oral cancer screening to evaluate your current level of dental health and determine any necessary changes in care. 

Periodically we take x rays/radiographs to help us detect issues that cannot be found observing your mouth. We use various types of images to capture different parts of your teeth and facial bones. A new piece of technology we offer here is CariVu. CariVu is a light transilluminator and camera combination that allows us to see cavities and fractures without radiation. 

Radiation from dental x rays is very low but please let us know if you have concerns. 

The schedule for your routine cleanings, exams and x rays is determined by your specific needs. Finding issues before they are symptomatic an important part of the preventive care we provide.

Oral Hygiene at Home

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that forms on your teeth and can lead to gum disease and cavities. Thorough plaque removal at home with toothbrushes, floss and other dental aids, help to keep your mouth healthy. 

Choosing Products

At your routine dental visit, your hygienist can help your choose the home care products best suited for your needs. Some toothpastes and rinses help specifically with sensitive teeth and gums, dry mouth and stain. We can also help you find other useful products such as toothpicks, proxabrushes and Waterpiks. Electric toothbrushes are safe and effective for the majority of patients. Many people find that a powered toothbrush is more effective and easier to use than a regular manual toothbrush. We have Oral B electric toothbrushes available at our office. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about them.

    Brushing and flossing properly and regularly are crucial to your oral hygiene.

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